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Gift Guide for Him 2019

  1. Wireless Charging PadFor the tech guy – While closer to the “under $50 category,” I do think any guy would love having this on their nightstand. Having to plug the phone in all the time seems a bit much, and I am so sure that someone would love to just throw their phone down and have it charge without taking that extra step to plug it all in.
  2. Neck and Shoulder MassageFor the hard worker – If your guy is at a desk all day typing, or doing manual labor for their career, most of the time their is stress of the neck and shoulder area. Why not try this out? I’ve actually seen other bloggers using it and I kind of want one lol =).
  3. Ugg SlippersFor the lounger – Not going to lie, Nick did pick this out for himself. We went to Nordstrom and he walked around in them and said they were very comfortable. The thing to note is, they only run on the full size scale so most of the time, you should size down because they do stretch out.
  4. Yeti Backpack CoolerFor the guy that loves to boat, hike, or do outdoorsy activities – this is the perfect gift. While a bit expensive, you can certainly take this EVERYWHERE. Dick’s Sporting Goods is also giving $40 for purchases of $200+
  5. NY Times Football Team History BookFor the sports lover – my sister in law showed me this and I think this is the coolest thing. You pick your favorite NFL team, and it gives you all the history on that team! Great to put on display in any “man-cave” or living room!
  6. Golf Travel CaseFor the traveler (who loves to golf)- This is for him! My husband loves to golf and we also love to travel. This traveling case has given him the opportunity to bring his clubs with us and play! No more renting them there!
  7. AirpodsFor the commuter – why not? They’re in.
  8. Golf Swing Analyzerfor the golfer (again) – this is a great gift for someone who is trying to improve their swing. Nick has used this many times and he did say that he has been able to really analyze his swing and work to improve it over the years without paying for lessons.
  9. Fleece OR Vestfor the fashionist(o) – Patagonia is always the way to go. I gifted one to Nick last Christmas and he always says how cozy it is! Whether you go fleece or vest, the quality is there!
  10. AllBird Sneakers for just about anyone – these are the BESSTTTTT. Nick and I both have a pair and we both agree that they may be the most comfy shoe we’ve ever worn. IF you have not tried them out, I promise you are missing out!

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