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Gifts for the Pet Lover

  1. Doggy Flannel Pajamas – These are sooooo cute! Currently ordering myself a pair but why not for your friend too?! Matching PJS!
  2. Customized Dog Socks – Best gift. I can’t even imagine walking around with Wrigleys face on my socks LOL
  3. Camera & Treat Dispenser – Saw someone story this a few days ago and I thought this was amazing. I currently have a Nest dog camera but having this as a 2 in one really tops it!
  4. Personalized Dog Treat Jar – I currently have one on my counter and it has been such a cute addition to my kitchen! We get so many compliments on it!
  5. Dog Keychain – This guy has been a part of my keychain for months now. I currently have the brown leather and I’ve always thought what great gift this could be!
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